Ashwagandhadi Lehyam is one of the choicest tonic and it enriches the nourishment of all body tissues (dhatus). Ashwagandha, by itself, is well known rejuvanative. Its rasayna actions bestow enrichment of the nutritional quality of nutrient plasma and promotes nutrition through improving digestion and metabolism. It is one of the prime important plant used as a rejuvenator and an aphrodisiac. Rasayana nourishes all body tissues, promotes longevity and immunity and keeps a person healthy. Ashwagandhadi Lehyam consists of many ingredients, which potentiate the activities of Ashwagandha.

Ashwagandhadi Lehyam is a blend of ashwagandha with other herbs and jaggery in a semi-liquid form, which in terms of consistency is much like fruit or berry preserves of the West. This is a prime tonic for the nourishment of all bodily tissues, particularly the plasma and blood. It promotes nutrition through healthy digestion, the metabolism, longevity, and supports the immune system. This rasayana also includes ingredients which support many of the activities of Ashwagandha. The seeds of marking nut and walnut encourage the metabolic processes of muscular tissue, encouraging the growth, strength, and healthy operation. Ingredients like indian long pepper, vanshalochana, cardomon, cinnamon, cassia leaf, and cobra’s saffron allievate fluid buildup such as phlegm and mucous and are particularly relieving for respiratory diseases. In addition, several other herbs and spices, such as saffron encourage the aphrodisiac properties of ashwaganda, and help to balance hormones and the natural production of reproductive fluids.

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Indications : Heposem est un hépato  régulateur, qui stimule le foie et le protège. HEPOSEM empêche la perte d’intégrité fonctionnelle du  foie et améliore l’appétit et le processus de digestion. Heposem est particulièrement recommandé pour minimiser les méfaits de l’absorption d’alcool.

Posologie : 2 comprimés 2 ou trois fois par jour

Présentation : flacon de 100ml 

composition et description complète en anglais 


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